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Everything you need to know about Russian immigration laws and selecting a Russian immigration attorney:

Immigration to the U.S. is a complicated and time-consuming process. Having a language barrier with your immigration attorney can make the process that much more stressful. That is why Russian immigration to America can be a smoother process when you work with a Russian immigration attorney. Selecting an immigration attorney that speaks your native language and understands Russian immigration laws can ensure that there are no misunderstandings or cultural barriers. There are over 2.9 million Russian immigrants in the U.S., making Russian immigrants the second largest groups of immigrants in the United States.

Choosing the Right Russian Immigration Lawyer:

Finding the right Russian immigration lawyer can be a daunting task. Some key questions up front can ensure you find the right fit for you and your immigration needs, may they be individual, investor, or business immigration.

Does the immigration lawyer speak Russian fluently?

As we mentioned above, a language barrier can lead to misunderstandings. When an immigration lawyer misunderstands something due to speaking Russian less than fluently, that can lead to mistakes on the immigration application.

Does the immigration lawyer specialize in my type of visa?

Some attorneys do family only, business only, or investor only immigration. It is important to ensure that your immigration lawyer feels comfortable with your case, and you in turn, feel comfortable with her immigration law experience.

How much experience does your immigration attorney have with Russian immigration cases?

Just because an immigration attorney is experienced does not mean they have experience with Russian immigration clients or cases.

The questions above exemplify why TBLO is a truly a unique boutique firm. Our founding attorney is from central Russia, and specializes in investor, family, and business immigration, and has 17 years of experience working in immigration law and with Russian and former Soviet Union countries.

Russian Immigration to America Statistics:

As we mentioned above the Russian immigration to America statistics are quite high as they make up the second largest immigrant community in the United States. In Portland, Oregon and Southwest Washington alone there are over 120,000 Russian and former Soviet Union immigrants, making it one of the largest populations in the U.S. It is not just Oregon and Southwest Washington with large populations of Russian immigrants, but many coastal cities are seeing an increase in Russian and former Soviet Union immigrants. This is also leading to an increase in Russian-owned businesses, opening up more possibilities for business immigration in the Russian communities. As the populations and communities of Russians and former Soviet Union countries grow, so does the need for Russian immigration lawyers.

What is the Process for Russian Immigration to the U.S.?

The first question that our Russian and former Soviet Union countries clients ask is “What is the process for Russian immigration to U.S.?” There are many avenues to immigrate to the United States, starting from business to investor immigration, to family-based immigration or student visas. During a consultation with our Russian immigration lawyer, you will discuss in detail your particular set of circumstances, and what your immigration needs might be and what options would be available to you or your business. We strive to empower our clients with the information they will need to make the right immigration decision for them. For us the process is all about making the client feel confident in their case and facilitating a smooth immigration process.

The Benefits of Using a Russian Speaking Lawyer:

As we discussed above, a language barrier with your attorney can lead to misunderstandings, and subsequently potential mistakes in your immigration case, which is the last thing you want. That is why a Russian speaking lawyer is essential for many Russian and former Soviet Union clients. You will be able to openly communicate with your lawyer and not have to rely on a translator to ensure that the specifics of your case are being heard and accounted for. Immigration is not a process that is conducive to mistakes, and you do not want your immigration case denied because of a translation error.

Let Batrakova Law Serve as your Russian Immigration Attorney:

We pride ourselves on having Irina Batrakova as our experienced Russian immigration attorney and our Founder. We would be happy to assist you with your business, investor or family-based immigration needs. Please contact our office with any questions by using the “Contact Us” form in the top right corner, or call our office at (503) 210-2249. We look forward to connecting with you.