In the last three months in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic, USCIS Field Offices were only accessible for emergency services. Earlier this week the offices are starting to slowly reopen.

USCIS Field Office Partial Reopening

At the Portland, Oregon Field Office, starting on June 4th, some non-emergency in-person services have resumed, including green card interviews. However, USCIS has not begun resuming the biometrics (fingerprint) appointments, and its Application Support Center (ASC) is still closed. The best prediction is that ASC services will resume in a few weeks.

USCIS will shortly begin sending appointment notices for green card, naturalization, and asylum interviews. In addition, they will start re-scheduling postponed oath ceremonies for naturalization cases. If you are a client of our law firm, we will email you a scanned copy of the notice as soon as we receive it from USCIS. You should also directly receive your own notice in the mail about the new appointment.

Key Considerations for Entering the USCIS Field Office

Like many other organizations that have to balance both safety and efficiency, USCIS is implementing a number of new safety measures to deal with COVID-19.  Please stay tuned on what their new measures will be.

Do you need immigration services or assistance during COVID-19?

The U.S. immigration process can be complicated during normal times, not to mention during a global pandemic. If you are struggling to keep up with USCIS updates, or need help navigating the immigration process, contact The Batrakova Law Office for assistance. We specialize in family, business, and investor immigration services.